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Quarantine is a serious issue in Australia not just for imported products

but also products between each state. 


There are a large number of requirements for the transport of plants and agricultural material including machinery between states. 

Whilst they may seem to be a burden the issues are real and non-compliance

can cause serious damage to various industries with huge long-term

costs to the economy. 


Some pests, diseases and invasive plants can also do serious harm

to our health or environment, not just our economy.


Australia has many pests already introduced into areas of Australia that are contained to certain regions or states and it is only the state quarantine requirements that prevent further spread of these pests.


It is very important to understand your state's requirements and only

purchase from suppliers who are approved and inspected regularly

to ensure compliance can be met. 


Some states like W.A, Tasmania and NT require certification for all plant

movement. The rest of the states rely on the public to do the right thing.


Paradisia is accredited for shipping to all states:

 documentation and treatment is performed on site.



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