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Cactus Offerings



7cm Cacti Collection


One of our most popular products, these come in trays of 20 assorted plants.


Paradisia grows about 200 different cacti species, with different  selections available throughout the year. 




 10 cm Cacti


These are offered in mixed trays of 12 varieties, plants are from 2 to 4 years old.




12cm Cacti


Paradisia maintains a range of 15cm cacti. In this range we offer up to 100 different species, some may be very rare and prices can vary greatly.


Paradisia is famous for our diverse cactus range.  Our plants are well grown and hardened so will do very well in retail and household environments.



Ceramic Cactus Planters


Paradisia offers a wide range of ceramic planters with mixed cacti and succulents.


Sizes range from 5 to  6cm (B size) to the largest at 20cm (G size). Pictured is our F size which has sizes from 12cm to 18cm. 



Ceramic Skull

with Cactus


This product was released in Australia

by Paradisia in 1986 and has been copied

many times over the years by others.

It is still one of our most popular gift lines.


Skulls are available in three sizes;

plants may vary throughout the year.



Advanced Cacti


Paradisia maintains a range of advanced cacti in pots ranging from 15cm to 40cm. We occasionally have specimens up to 2 metres high.


Large plants can only be supplied to nursery visitors.  A large range of advanced cacti is also available at Collectors Corner.


Grafted Cacti 7cm


Grafted cacti are the most popular of our cacti range. These are albino plants that retain the colours permanently but can only survive by

being grafted to another plant.


They are supplied in 7cm pots with 9cm tall plants. Occasionally we offer a larger 14cm size in a 8cm pot.

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