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Orchid Offerings

Orchids have been an integral part of Paradisia for over 30 years. We maintain large collections of plants which we mostly use for display work and breeding.

Paradisia is famous throughout the orchid industry for collections of cascading cymbidiums, most of which have been bred in-house.


Orchid Polypacks


Paradisia produces a wide range of orchids

to include in this selection, we offer these

from May through to October.


The range will include a mixture of species and hybrids including Vanda, Cattleya, Dendrobiums, Oncidium alliance and many rare and unusual species.  The range changes each year.

100mm Cybidiums


Available from April to November.


In this range we offer a mix of cascading

and upright cymbidiums defined by different colour labels.  We maintain approximately 200 different cymbdiums for this selection so

it's rare to find the same type twice. 



Orchid Polypacks


The polypack range was designed to help

protect the young orchids from damage and

to extend shelf life, in most cases plants can be kept in packs for many months if watered.

Below are examples of cascading cymbidiums released by Paradisia in 2015.

We release approximately 20 to 30 new cultivars each year.  Some however may take

a few years to become readily available as they may be slow to reproduce.

M724 Sarah Jean 'Elizabeth'

M711 Paradisian Ruby 'Cascade'

M737 Paradisian Passion

M742 Paradisian Choice 'Dreamer'

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