Bonsai Offerings

Paradisia grows a wide range of bonsai in an assortment of sizes.

The most popular in our range are the Pot Belly Figs, these are one of the only bonsai that can survive indoors with miniumal care and survive periods of neglect and dryout.



Pot Belly Figs


Ficus macrocarpa

Figs are available in a range of sizes from 12cm to 80cm ceramic and bonsai pots.

They are aslo available in plastic pots ungrafted, 10cm and 13cm


Traditional Bonsai


A wide range of bonsai are available over the warmer months, during winter many are deciduosy so range is limited.


Plants are only available in Bonsai pots ranging in size from 12cm to 40cm, larger plants are limited and often not available due to the demand and length of time taken to grow these.