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Paradisia is one of the largest producers of carnivorous plants in the world.

We were once exporters of these marvellous plants but due to bureaucracy we have been forced to scale back our production and may cease exports altogether shortly.



Sundews  'Drosera"


These sticky-leaved plants are popular with collectors. They require much more moisture

than other carnivorous plants so we provide

them in a plastic sleeve with a water well to prevent dryout and prolong shelf life.


Sundews are only available in 7cm pots, only the species capensis is provided most of the year.



Nepenthes hybrids

"Hanging Pitcher Plants"


Popular insect-eater due to the stunning

hanging baskets they create.


Nepenthes are available in 7cm pots or 10 and 12cm baskets, each with a rigid sleeve.


Venus Fly Traps

"Dionaea muscipula"


Venus Flytraps are hugely popular with kids

of all ages up to 99.  They are available all year round but plants in winter are limited and are much smaller than summer plants.


We offer a selection of plants in pot sizes

from 7cm to 10cm and 13cm. 



Sarracenia Species and Hybrids


These popular insect-eating plants are available from November to March during their growing season.


Ther are sold as an assortment in 7cm, 10cm and 13cm pots protected with rigid sleeves.



Sarracenia 13cm


Paradisia maintains a large collection of

Sarracenia species and hybrids.



These are only available in limited numbers

and come in assorted packs.



Plastic Sleeves


Our Sundews, Sarracenia and Nepethes

are offered with rigid plastc sleeves for

protection of the plants and promote shelf life. 

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