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Indoor Plants

Paradisia has selected a range of compact and miniature indoor plants

well-suited for indoor planting and terrariums.


There is strong growth in indoor gardening using a wide variety of methods from

terrariums to mixed garden plantings. With the rapid development of cheap and affordable 

LED lighting it is now very easy and economical to grow plants indoors without any access

to sunlight.  LED lights are very safe due to their low voltage, they have very low operating cost and do not produce the heat that would normally damage plants under artificial lighting. 


Indoor growing has never been easier or more rewarding; amazing gardens,

wall plantings and tabletop gardens are now within reach. 

The selection we offer is the best of what the world has to offer with indoor plants. 







'Bottle Babies' range 


7cm Bottle Babies


Available in trays of 20

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