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Other Succulent Offerings



Mistletoe Cactus Collection

"Rhipsalis and their allies"


Paradisia maintains 37 varieties in this selection.  Due to the popularity of these as indoor plants

and on vertical walls the availability is erratic.


These are only offered in 130mm hangers with saucers and each pot comes with a clear rigid sleeve to protect the plants.


Epiphyllum cultivars

"The Orchid Cactus"


Paradisia maintains the largest commercial collection of Eppys in Australia. We currently

grow about 250 different cultivars of which approximately 140 are offered in our 100mm range, each with its own photo tag.


We do not offer lists of plants by name.




Epiphyllum cultivars

"The Orchid Cactus"


This is just one of the stunning

Epiphyllums that we produce.


We do not offer lists of plants by name.


Listed below is a sampling of our many succulent products.




Kalanchoe Thysiflora

"Flap Jacks"


A hugely popular succulent for sunny positions.

Flap Jacks are available in 13cm pots

most of the year.



Aloe Vera


Aloe vera are available throughout

the warmer months.


We produce aloes in 8cm, 10cm and 13cm pots.



 Collectors Succulents


Paradisia grows a wide range of rare and

unusual species. This selection includes

many of these varieties. 


Every few weeks the offerings

in this range will change.

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