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Paradisia Products


Paradisia Nurseries is an extension of our life long hobbies, because of this most

of the range grown by Paradisia continues to support this hobby.


Paradisia grows a huge range of plants, we have never tried to count or list the entire range. 

Many of the plants we grow are not held for commercial purposes but for personal interest.

Some of our items are readily available in large numbers, however some items may be available

only once every 5 years, while others will rarely be offered for sale. 


Limited range and high value products may only be available via our retail at Collectors Corner

or via eBay sales.  This is the only way we can return enough to support the collections.




A limited range of items is also offered to wholesale customers from our main nursery site

and via our stand at the Nursery Industry Trade Day

These items are not listed and are only available on first come first served basis.


Paradisia offers its product range to all areas of Australia.

When items are limited they are offered to individual states on a rotational basis. 

It is very difficult to predict order demand so stock can run out before orders are completed. 



Product Development

Paradisia Nurseries has an extensive research and development department.

We are constantly trialling new species and cultivars selected from our breeding programs

or natural mutations that occur in our production areas. 

In addition, we travel the world looking for new and exciting products to add to our range.


Comming Soon

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