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Bromeliad Offerings

Paradisia produces a large range of bromeliads in flower or for foliage use. 

Bromeliads are sold mostly only in Victoria.

Most of the the more unusual varieties are only available to in-person nursery customers.


Neoregelia Fireball


Fireball is available as cuttings, 10cm pots

or 13cm baskets.


Fireball is extremely hardy and will tolerate all climates in Australia in high sun or heavy shade.


Sunlight improves shape and colour.




 Neoregelia Hybrids


Paradisia maintains a selection of variegated

Neo hybrids, these are available in limited numbers.





 Flowering Bromeliads


Paradisia maintains a very large range of Guzmania and Vriesea hybrids available

in a range of sizes in pots from 10cm to 15cm.


These are sold at most trade days and from nursery pickup, interstate availability is limited.




Bromeliads in Ceramic Planters


At times we offer a range of bromeliads

in cermic planters single potted

or multi-planted as shown below.



Bromeliads in Ceramic Planters

Example of mixed ceramic planter (right).


Pot styles and colours will vary. 


Tillandsia cyanea


Paradisia offers cyanea throughout the year as single flowering plants in 115mm pots.


We grow the varieties "Paradise", this is the best cultivar on the world market and produces large vibrant flower spikes that last much longer than the normal cyanea. 




Ceramic Planters


This is a selection of pottery used for

Chinese New Year sales.

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